From: Fuse
Date: Mon, 28 Jun 1999 20:22:54 -0500
Subject: Shadows

I was directed to your page when I asked for help on the alt.paranormal.moderated newsgroup with some things I'd been seeing over the past ten years or so. The things I've read here have thrown me for a loop. Ten years I've been looking for other people that have seen these shadows and all of a sudden in the space of the past two weeks, I find dozens of similar stories on the internet. This is going to belong, so feel free to chop out whatever parts you feel aren't relevant or separate it into different pages, if you choose to put it on your site, which I give you full permission to do.

Once when I was a kid, I started seeing something odd. My bedroom was the connect in juncture of our house, with three doors leading out of it. Two sliding doors, one directly in front of my bed lead to the kitchen and the other, off to the left leading to a hallway that passed a bathroom and ended at my sister's bedroom at the front of the house. There was another door to the right of my bed. That was a normal hinged door leading to my parents' bedroom. It was an addition they'd made to the house a couple years after we'd moved there in the sticks apart from the town I was born in.

One night, I think I was about nine or ten years old, I was laying in my bed trying to get to sleep. I was watching this crack of light on the edge of the sliding door in front of my bed, created by the kitchen's light fixture on the other side of the door. It was a badly designed sliding door that wouldn't completely shut to block out the light. I could hear my mother cleaning the dishes in the kitchen on the other side. I was bored and noticed that if I inclined my head from side to side, that there was something blocking the light, making that crack of light grow shorter and longer as I moved my head.

As bored as I was, not being able to sleep, I entertained myself with this for a while...until something in the back of my mind set me on alert. Something seemed odd about this crack of light, or more accurately, what was blocking it. I kept moving my head back and forth following the movement of the light to get the outline of whatever this obstruction was. After a few minutes, I realized that it was the outline of a human head and shoulders, seemingly male, about five feet tall. Needless to say, this freaked me out to no end. I was paralyzed with fear for a few minutes. I finally summoned the courage to frantically yell for my mother to open the door. When she did, there was, of course, absolutely nothing there on either side to have blocked the light to the door.

When I told her what I'd seen, she said I'd been asleep and dreamt it, though I knew that wasn't true because there was no waking up, no interruption between seeing it and calling for her. I didn't see it again until the same time of the next year, and that time I wasn't as frightened of it. It didn't appear to move at all, just stood there still as a stone. Over the next four years or so, I saw it every year at about the same time, I believe it was always sometime in the Fall, until all of a sudden, it stopped appearing.

This next began when I was around thirteen or fourteen. Me and my cousin, Mark, began seeing this black cat. It was always hanging around in our peripheral vision, and when we tried to catch a better glimpse of it, this cat would dart behind some obstruction it always would be near, like a dresser or bookshelf. We saw it over the course of about two years, usually about once or twice a month, sometimes as often and once a week but never got a really good look at it until Mark somehow caught it off guard and saw it full on. It was looking at him and he saw that it had bright red eyes. When it suddenly realized that it had locked vision with him, it ran off. After this, we didn't see it as often and after while later, we stopped seeing it at all.

For years I didn't see that cat and had all but forgotten it, then about three or so years ago it popped up again. It was up to its usual tricks; hanging out in my peripheral vision until I look over to see it batter and then darting behind some obstruction. Over the course of the next year, though, I saw it slowly change. It went from the black cat to a human outline over the course of just a little under a year. Now I still see it, but the frequency varies. Sometimes it's only once a month, sometimes it's five times in one day. It always appears in my peripheral vision, watching me, and vanishes as soon as I jerk my head in its direction to get a look at it.

This next one is a recurrent dream I began having between the ages of thirteen and sixteen, that I didn't associate with the shadow(s) until just recently. The dream begins with me walking into a little antique shop off a busy street and looking around. I hear a commotion outside and run out to see that people in the street are being attacked by these "shadow people" that they can't see to defend themselves against. I frantically try to think of some way to help and see something glimmering from this barrel of scrap metal. Looking inside, I find this six foot long sword, half blade and half handle, shiny and silvery-looking. I begin to fight the "shadow people" off, with them disappearing when I hit them with the sword. I would always wake up in the middle of the battle, so I never knew how it ended.

I hope these stories help anyone else who's seen these things, like this site and others helped me to get at least some stable ground regarding what I've seen.