From: Mustapha
The Official Shadow People Archives
Sent: Saturday, April 25, 2015 9:41:27 AM
Subject: Demons encounters

Hi, my name is Mustapha. I'm 25 years old from Morocco.

First, I want to say that I'm a Muslim and that had a lot of effect in me on how I understood those beings. As most religions and cultures, we have our own interpretations that explain to us the nature of the “Unseen”. For us Muslims, we all believe in “djinns” who are the equivalent of ghost in the West but we don't believe they are the souls of dead people; that is something unthinkable in our religion. If someone is dead, he is dead, even though there are many incidents being reported of Muslims seeing apparitions taking the shapes of deceased people, they are always explained by the idea that those apparitions are merely a Jin. This Jin will take the form of the person that he or she used to accompany in life and will roam in the same place where his former companion used to live. They usually take his form and even his demeanor because they were like one. That is what makes people think they are souls of dead people. They are not. They are just creatures like us, trapped in a cycle of their former life which they used share with their now deceased companions. In Islam, we call it the Qareen.

Now, to my story about shadow people which I believe that they are just evil jinn or demons. Not all jinns are demons but all demons are jinns, created out of fire and that what gives them that feeling of hotness. Anyway, I have seen them many times. At first from the corner of my eyes and then slowly, I started to see them as a grey ball of smoke. I said grey because it wasn't black like other times. It seems they were many, and the blacker they are, the evilest they get.

They usually hide behind furniture and also shades, which why the prophet Muhammad, peace and blessing be upon him, advised us to never sit between the shades and sun because it's the favorite place of demons, which I never came to understand except now. They meant corners in the dark, surrounded by light, I think demons believed it gave them the upper hand, like they can see everyone but no one can see them. I have I lot to talk about concerning my experience with those being, but for now I only want to give some information that I have been able to gather from the Quran and hadiths of the prophet.

Shadow people, or demons, can take the shape of animals. A jinn who is a demon can only take the shape of black animals like dogs for example which is mentioned in a hadith while normal jinn can take shape of animals at any colors normal animals have.

They can give nightmare. They can strangle. The can get as small as a fly and as big as a house. They love empty houses or places and love to be in bathrooms. They prey on lonely people and dogs and donkeys can see them.

They are very fast and have shaky tendencies. (They look like they're shaking very fast.) They whisper in your ears, especially your name and especially in your sleep. That why we are ordered to never answer anyone who calls in the dark, especially in places far away from where people reside.

They can give sexual dreams. They usually prey on children and women because they are easy targets.

There is still more that I can't think of right now. I have tried my best. Feel free to post this on your site with all the information on it.